• September 10th, 2016

    September, 2016 -

    September, 2016:  Wireless Mesh Networks Compared with the OMNI-WiFi HouseSpot™ Wireless mesh networks promise to simplify the wireless network by removing most or all of the wires. A mesh network uses two or more WAPs connected to one another wirelessly. One of these WAPs is connected to the internet source, usually with a wire, and the other WAP connects… Read More

  • May 8th, 2016

    It is the Start of the 2016 Camping Season...

    May, 2016 It's the start of the 2016 camping season, and OMNI-WiFi, LLC has a new, inexpensive, long-range outdoor Park/CampSpot (TM).  The v.3 Park/CampSpot (TM) is three times as fast as any other outdoor Wi-Fi solution, and our solutions connect hundreds of users with ease concurrently.  Offered with the bandwidth-conserving controller, the Park/CampSpot (TM) solution is HSIA-compliant and comes with… Read More