It is the Start of the 2016 Camping Season...

May 8 2016

May, 2016

It's the start of the 2016 camping season, and OMNI-WiFi, LLC has a new, inexpensive, long-range outdoor Park/CampSpot (TM). 

The v.3
Park/CampSpot (TM) is three times as fast as any other outdoor Wi-Fi solution, and our solutions connect hundreds of users with ease concurrently.  Offered with the bandwidth-conserving controller, the Park/CampSpot (TM) solution is HSIA-compliant and comes with a
two-year warranty.  The Park/CampSpot (TM) system can be purchased outright for self-installation, or it can be leased on a seasonal basis with low monthly payment and 
installation fee.

Now in use at hundreds of campgrounds nationwide, the OMNI-WiFi Park/CampSpot (TM) system is unsurpassed in terms of speed, distance, customer service and reliability.

For more information and additional references, please call for details (800) 610-6711.

I love the Park/CampSpotWi-Fi system from OMNI-WiFi,and I recommend it to my fellow KOA managers and all other campground owners and managers. The performance and service are so much better than any other campground Wi-Fi system I have used!

--Jeff Goins, Manager, Sugarloaf/KeyWest KOA, Summerland Key, FL

“Just one OMNI-WiFi Park/CampSpotoutperformed 19 of the access points we used previously to serve our 700-site RV park, the largest RV park in Maine.We are happy with our fourteen (14) OMNI-WiFi Park/CampSpots and fourteen (14) full-duplex repeaters. Thank You!"

-TomBailey, Owner, Bailey's Campground, Scarborough, ME


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