September, 2016 -

Sep 10 2016

September, 2016:  Wireless Mesh Networks Compared with the OMNI-WiFi HouseSpot™


Wireless mesh networks promise to simplify the wireless network by removing most or all of the wires. A mesh network uses two or more WAPs connected to one another wirelessly. One of these WAPs is connected to the internet source, usually with a wire, and the other WAP connects to the internet source wirelessly through the first one.

In an OMNI-WiFi wireless network, each WAP connects to the Internet source through a wire.  How does this differ from a mesh network?

1)   Most mesh WAPs have only one radio or use only one radio at a timeUsers of single-radio WAPs  that are meshed and are not each connected by a wire to the internet lose 50% to 55% of the bandwidth they are paying for due to the inherent “half-duplex” operation of meshed WAPs. 

2)   On the other hand, 97% to 100% of the bandwidth available at an OMNI-WiFi HouseSpot, each one connected to the internet by a wire, is available to all users all of the time.

OMNI-WiFi HouseSpot™ WAPs connect to the Internet through a wire to send and receive data concurrently to/from the wire and to/from the antenna. OMNI-WiFi WAPs talk and listen at the same time in “full-duplex mode”, delivering all, not just part , of the available broadband to the wireless clients.  

Other key features of the OMNI-WiFi HouseSpot™:

·      All OMNI-WiFI HouseSpots™ are weatherproof;

·      All OMNI-WiFi HouseSpots™ deliver 50% to 53% more bandwidth to each user
than any mesh network can deliver;

·      A single OMNI-WiFi HouseSpot™ can connect 50 concurrent devices at high speed;

·      A single OMNI-WiFi™HouseSpot™ can deliver high-speed Wi-Fi to every user in homes of up to 10,000 square feet; and

·      A single OMNI-WiFi HouseSpot™can stream 20 full-length movies to 20 different devices simultaneously.

“I can’t say that you single-handedly saved my marriage, but you certainly helped! My three children all have tablets that can now get online anywhere in our [large] house. Last night my wife told me that this is the way Internet surfing SHOULD be. We are all very happy with our Enhanced HouseSpot™.
Stuart McGuigan, CIO
Doylestown, PA

 “OMNI-WiFi has developed the fastest, least expensive and most efficient wireless transmitter equipment on the market today. We installed just one Enhanced HouseSpot™ at our home, and I am amazed at its consistency in performance throughout the house, our pool area and surrounding property. It's a great product and OMNI-WiFi stands behind it with excellent service and support.”
Howard Zimmerman
West Newbury, MA

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