Core Integrators

What OMNI-WiFi Offers Our Core Integrators

OMNI-WiFi provides comprehensive start-up support to our core integrators so that they are fully knowledgeable of our products and can effectively support customers in the selection and installation of OMNI-WiFi equipment, optimally designed to each new environment. We provide thorough training in product selection, site survey, Wi-Fi network design, needs analysis and installation. In addition, we offer our wireless core integrators leads on an ongoing basis, technical assistance in networking and other installation requirements, and marketing support. Specifically what OMNI-WiFi offers its core integrators includes:

  • The best Wi-Fi technology available at any cost;
  • Substantial discounts on wireless equipment and immediate return on investment;
  • Comprehensive training in the operation, deployment, and optimization of OMNI-WiFi’s wireless products;
  • State-of-the art authentication and invoicing systems for wireless internet service providers;
  • Significant opportunity for wireless ISPs to expand their existing client base and revenues;
  • Cisco-certified router configuration assistance;
  • Wireless-certified design help;
  • Successful wireless ISP cash flow plans;
  • Leads in resellers’ territories;
  • Marketing support including graphic and web design, printing, co-marketing and advertising; and
  • 24/7 technical support

Reasonable start-up investment in equipment and training – immediate and substantial ROI

Qualifications of OMNI-WiFi Core Integrators

  • Basic knowledge of Ethernet networks and Microsoft operating systems;
  • Demonstrated integrity and knowledge of electronic sales;
  • Successful history of computer sales, upgrades or repairs;
  • Microsoft or CISCO-certified applicants preferred;
  • Provision of 24/7 technical, email support.

Ideal for ISPs, Systems Integrators, Networking Providers, and/or Computer-Related Business Owners & Network Engineers

What OMNI-WiFi Expects from Our Core Integrators

  • Commitment to initial training and understanding OMNI-WiFi’s technology and products;
  • Willingness to be responsive to customers’ questions and needs;
  • High aptitude for dynamic environment—new product introductions and training;
  • Ongoing commitment to service and support existing clients; and
  • Like-minded individuals seeking to grow OMNI-WiFi through the successful
  • distribution of its products.

And, of course, an ongoing commitment to excellence

Next Steps to Become an OMNI-WiFi Core Integrator

  • Complete and submit the Core Group Integrator Registration Form
  • Discuss your goals when an OMNI-WiFi representative contacts you.
  • Confirm the requirements for channel membership including equipment purchase and training.