OMNI-WiFi develops 802.11 Wi-Fi compliant transmitters, repeaters and client-premises equipment (CPE) that integrate existing wireless protocols and wireless hardware in a unique, advanced architecture. OMNI-WiFi’s wireless  equipment is able to generate higher output and achieve longer ranges of Wi-Fi connectivity through special, patented integrations of hardware and firmware.

Our Story  

Over a decade ago, the Hahn Family converted an 1887 Victorian farmhouse in Maine to a bed and breakfast. With its plaster and lath walls, Wi-Fi was impossible, but the guests who visited this remote location in down east Maine insisted on it.  Inspired by this difficult environment and his background in radio engineering, Philip Hahn developed a Wi-Fi system that worked where others had failed.  In 2004, OMNI-WiFi was created, bringing wireless Internet access to even the most challenging locations.

Since 2004, the firm has focused on Wi-Fi technology, designing innovative, proprietary products to provide high-speed, reliable wireless Internet access for multiple applications. As Technical Officer, Philip Hahn has continued to apply his engineering expertise gained from the prior development of computer/radio technology for Motorola C&E to develop these products. OMNI-WiFi now designs full-duplex repeater systems that significantly reduce the need for line-of-sight topography in 802.11 wireless systems. These unique integrations led OMNI-WiFi  to apply for and receive its first patent in 2012. By finding a solution to the problems of distance and line-of-sight obstacles, these systems offer dramatically greater range to wireless clients needing Internet connectivity. 

OMNI-WiFi  now manufactures wireless equipment for broader markets including hospitality under the OMNI-WAVE™ trademark (hotels, resorts, restaurants and others), recreational settings (RV parks, campgrounds, marinas, sports complexes and casinos); and residential settings under the SweetSpot5™ and SweetSpot10™ trademarks. By allowing scalable power output to match various international standards, OMNI-WiFi’s products are producing significant interest in international markets. These new products have advanced the state of the art for 802.11 Wi-Fi and placed OMNI-WiFi in a leading position in Wi-Fi development.

Today, with installations in 50 states, all Canadian provinces and Caribbean islands, as well as 49 foreign countries and territories—OMNI-WiFi’s customer base continues to grow. The firm has expanded its sales through a network of trained core integrators responsive to their clients' individual needs and site requirements. Technical feedback and testimonials to date attest to the cost-effectiveness of OMNI-WiFi products. Toward the future, OMNI-WiFi will continue its engineering directive to develop high-speed, long-range wireless equipment at the lowest cost.