OMNI-WiFi Product Groups  

OMNI-WiFi manufactures wireless equipment - transmitters, repeaters and client premises equipment (CPE), integrating state-of-the-art firmware and patented hardware in a unique, advanced architecture that delivers the most powerful, longest range, fastest, and highest quality 802.11 signals available.  OMNI-WiFi's markets include hospitality, recreation, and residential sectors.


Hospitality Solutions: Wireless Solutions for Hotel and Other Hospitality Providers

All OMNI-WiFi indoor and outdoor wireless products broadcast with the maximum allowable power output as set by the FCC. All indoor and outdoor access points are delivered with Power-over-Ethernet (PoE).  All hospitality access points have patented designs and firmware that allow for nine (9) different types of wireless security and wireless client authentication.  All hospitality solutions have undergone field testing - most designs have been in service for over eight years.  Each solution has numerous unsolicited references to its fast connection speed, extreme sensitivity, long-range and high-signal quality.

 Recreation Solutions: Wireless Solutions for RV Parks & Other Recreational Settings

OMNI-WiFi offers reliable, economic solutions for wireless connectivy to RV parks, campgrounds, state parks, marinas, and other recreational facilities.  For areas containing trees or other obstacles to line-of-site, OMNI-WiFi has designed a special set of transmitters for outdoor use only.  These solutions are long-range and connect users at longer distances than other devices.

  Residential Solutions: Wireless Solutions for Homes, Condos & Other Residences

OMNI-WiFi's residential solutions are the most reliable on the market. These products are designed for a range of building options including standalone homes of all sizes, condominums, and apartment buildings. OMNI-WiFi access points have been designed for all types of residential construction, including cement, wood and plaster, brick or stucco. Our equipment extends the network to multiple floors and rooms including basements, garages, and other hard-to-service areas.  The most versatile products for residential applications, OMNI-WiFi designs wireless residential systems that provide the fastest, most reliable Internet connections to the highest numbers of concurrent wireless devices.