Customer Service

OMNI-WiFi has built its reputation for excellence in wifi technology and the manufacture and service of its products by being responsive to the needs of our customers on an ongoing basis. In large part, the progress we have achieved in engineering state-of-the-art wireless equipment is the result of working closely with our clients to design and optimize these products so as to meet a wide range of different customer needs, based on the many variables posed by each environment. Our primary  goal is to provide timely customer service, technical support and extended product warranties to our customers. Our philosophy is to work together to develop and deliver consistent, reliable wireless products.


Technical Support

Free post-sale technical support is available via phone for ninety (90) days to up to two (2) years after purchase between the hours of 9 AM and 6 PM, Monday through Friday, and is available via email 24/7.


Standard Warranty

If product failure is caused by defect in manufacture or workmanship, it will be repair or replaced at manufacturer's option. This excludes physical and electrical damage including damage from water, lightning, electric surge, vandalism, internal or external physical breakage of any kind.  Units found defective within this period will be exchanged for the purchaser for the price of shipping. The purchaser must ship the original product back before receiving a replacement unit. The original purchaser will also receive free technical support via a toll-free number for a period of two years from the data of purchase.


Warranty Exclusions

OMNI-WiFi products cannot be guaranteed against damage from tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, or other natural disasters. Nor can OMNI-WiFi access points be guaranteed against abuse including dropping, incorrect voltage application, wire and cable stress, and nonprofessional installation. Should such damage occur, OMNI-WiFi may, at its discretion, replace failed components at a reduced cost to the original purchaser. Note: If the weathertight enclosure has been opened, all warranties are null and void. 


Extended Warranties

OMNI-WiFi offers an extended warranty on all wireless equipment -- transmitters, repeaters, and client premises equipment. This warranty includes free replacement of any component that fails after the two-year warranty period for an extended period of one (1) year. The extended warranty covers the expense of shipping the new part to the customer for shipments within the continental U.S. and requires all customers to pay for shipping the failed part back to OMNI-WiFi. The new part will be shipped upon receipt of the failed equipment. Exclusions to the standard extended warranty include damage from lightning, water, shock (from dropping), physical abuse, and electrical surge. Any warranty is void if the weather-tight case has been opened.

Extended Warranty $99/year covers:

  • Client Bridge
  • HouseSpot™
EW $99.00

Extended Warranty $129 covers:

  • HotelSpot™
  • CaféSpot™
  • CondoSpot™
EW $129.00

Extended Warranty $299 covers:

  • Enhanced HotelSpot™
  • Enhanced HouseSpot
  • Duplex Repeater System
  • WISPSpot™
  • Virtual Private Network
  • ParkCampSpot™ 
  • MarinaSpot™ 
  • Telemetry Tunnel™ 

Call (800) 610-6711 or email to order or request more information on extended warranties.

EW $299.00